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Windsor, ON Tuesday May 29th, 2018 at 7:04 AM

Wyandotte and Moy area.
Two dogs looking totally lost and thirsty.

Windsor, ON Monday May 28th, 2018 at 8:06 AM


On Sunday around 7-8 pm we lost a wallet. We were at Captain John Wilson park in South Windsor. It's next to Talbot trail school on Ducharme Street. It's black, and the contents are needed. Please if found call me at 519 796 9370. Thanks so much

Windsor, ON Monday May 28th, 2018 at 7:40 AM

Common courtesy

Just wondering if anyone else has been noticing that people lately have been becoming less and less courteous.
My wife and I often go for a walk in the morning and after supper in the area of Blue Heron Pond by Little River Road.
More often lately an organized group of people jogging on the trail in the opposite direction to which we are walking are running in a group three abreast while my wife and I walk side by side on the right hand side. The runners opposing but coming at us are taking up three quarters of the trail forcing us to either step off or walk in a row behind each other while they continue to stay abreast. This is often done by walkers opposing us as well.
My question is what ever happened to common courtesy and do you really feel entitled to take up almost the entire path or sidewalk??

Windsor, ON Saturday May 26th, 2018 at 11:43 AM

Horn Honker on Dougal

Yesterday afternoon I was driving down Dougall, and the light was green but I stopped at the light because the traffic was backed up and I didn't want to block the intersection incase the light changed to red. So the impatient woman behind me layed on her horn and proceeded to shoot me the finger. And then the light turned red so I'm glad I did not listen to her and go through. It's people like you who cause accidents with your impatient self. How about you just go around if you don't like it? I will do what I want to do in order to drive safely and correctly. I'm sick of these rude people going crazy on you on the road for you doing NOTHING wrong! And when she drove past me a few mins later she shot me the finger and mouthed off to me and drove away really fast! I hope you see this and realize how wrong you were and how very rude you were. And everyone around us saw you! I hope you feel good about yourself.

Windsor, ON Saturday May 26th, 2018 at 11:05 AM

Ticket the parents at prom while they are taking pictures to make memories!

Yes it was very sad to see all these parents at Jackson park yesterday with their children taking pictures watching all their hard work through these years to bring them to this day of happiness only to walk back their car to see a fine for parking!! It was awful and nobody was in anyone's way everyone was parked single file and very organized with nothing but 1 litttle signed tucked in a tree that nobody could see. it is so disappointing that Windsor could do this! Invite schools to the beautiful park just to fine them, very upset parents. Over 100 cars ticketed, hope they need that money

Windsor, ON Tuesday May 22nd, 2018 at 10:35 PM

Looking for professional dog teeth cleaning??

I am looking for someone who can specifically take off the dirt and grime on my dogs teeth, which has considered bad breath. I am looking for someone who specializes in this field.
My dog is very skiddish and does not trust many people..
Therefore I need someone trained such as an animal hospital, and etc, without possibly breaking the bank.

Thanks for all your help! please list places below and specify what they did to your dog below in comments.

Windsor, ON Saturday May 19th, 2018 at 10:27 AM

He apologized & I was the fool

On Friday, May 18, my hubby and I were at the Tim Horton`s on Grand Marais near Dominion. If you have been there, it is a nightmare of a parking lot and drive thru. Two accesses to the drive thru plus cars must keep a route clear for the traffic from the Shoppers Drug Mart located in the same parking lot.

In short, we were cut off. A person took the opportunity to squeeze into line where we were trying to leave a path clear for traffic. When we pulled up next, his window was open and I asked if this was his first time at this particular Tim Horton`s as he just cut into line. He ignored me. I took a pic of the car fully intending to ``spot`` him when I got home.

When we pulled up to the window, the fellow had paid for our order and asked the server to please pass on his apologies. He realized what he did after the fact.

We honked and tried to wave out the window. We gave a thumbs up and a peace sign. If this gentleman sees the post, thank-you for our coffees and apology. I was having a lousy day and your thoughtful gesture turned it around. I hope you enjoy your holiday weekend.

Windsor, ON Friday May 18th, 2018 at 8:13 AM

To the lady walking behind me at the river this morning. I was walking/ jogging and I had just put my phone in my pocket after switching a song. I couldn’t hear you yelling at me but you started running to catch me and by the time you caught me I was about 200 yards from where I had originally dropped it. You were out of breath and commented how I just gave you the best workout you’ve had in years. We both laughed and you gave me the $25 dollars I dropped from my pocket while playing with my phone. You could have easily ran off and no one would have known. It’s refreshing that someone decided to run after me to return something I had dropped. Thank you for the honesty and I hope good Karma comes your way ASAP!

PS Ill be back Monday morning near the Canada Flag the same time if you want to join me for a walk/ jog

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