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Windsor, ON 19 days ago
Monday March 5th, 2018 at 1:51 PM

Insurance and Internet

Looking for the best Insurance Brokers it Companies and Internet Providers in windsor. We are new here and hope to get great service!

Windsor, ON 20 days ago
Sunday March 4th, 2018 at 9:00 AM

Windsor Paramedics

Last night my 4 year old daughter went to bed with a slight cough and woke up a couple hours later with a barking cough, vomiting, shaking & restricted airway. We've never had a medical emergency and so this was quite scary for my husband and I. We called 911, as her breathing was very laboured, and Justin and Matt, the paramedics, came to the rescue. They were so wonderful with our daughter. What started as a scary situation turned into a really amazing and inspiring one for our little girl. So thank you, Justin & Matt, for being so light and fun and kind and gentle with our girl. She kept saying how much she loved the adventure with you two and the ambulance. She now has a plan to learn to drive, and go to school to learn to be a paramedic like Justin and Matt.

Windsor, ON 21 days ago
Saturday March 3rd, 2018 at 11:01 PM

Great Service Chapters Starbucks

Today while shopping at the mall I decided to go to Starbucks to get myself a coffee. While waiting in line I witnessed such an amazing interaction with one of the employees with a deaf older gentleman. The young lady took her time chatting with this man even though there were about 50 people in the store. Her focus on this man and ensuring he got what he needed from the sweets area right down to the end of the line. What a kind gesture that made me feel that no matter what each person in this Starbucks is treated with compassion no matter how busy your store is. Thank you for making my day and I'm sure that older gentleman's day as well.

Windsor, ON 21 days ago
Saturday March 3rd, 2018 at 4:40 PM

Set if keys

Found a set of keys on walking path between foster and Seymour in Windsor.

Windsor, ON 22 days ago
Friday March 2nd, 2018 at 9:12 PM

Paid bill

My boyfriend and I were dining at Chuck's Roadhouse on March 2nd around 5. We would just like to thank whoever it was that paid for our bill. When the waitress came over she told us she couldn't say how or why but our bill was paid for. My boyfriend and I were stunned. So again thank you very much, we are very grateful for this amazing gesture.

Windsor, ON 22 days ago
Friday March 2nd, 2018 at 8:05 AM


Looking for any witnesses that were on Walker Rd around 3-4 pm on March 1. Transport truck rolled backwards into my truck and started to drive away. He is now claiming that he did not do this. I know this is a long shot but any help would be appreciated. The police are involved, I just need some help proving he rolled back into me. This was around the time that Chrysler's gets out of work for shift time. Between Somme and Grand Marais light's. Thank you in advance!!

Windsor, ON 23 days ago
Thursday March 1st, 2018 at 8:40 PM

Found keys near University of Windsor

Found near U of W. Attempted to find owner through Crunch and Shoppers key fobs. No luck

Windsor, ON 23 days ago
Thursday March 1st, 2018 at 11:35 AM

Two kids looking for trouble

Cops have been called twice now on 2 males 13 to 15 years of age in the 3300 block of Bliss road banging on doors, throwing stuff at cars and going car to car checking for ones that are unlocked to help themselves to whatever. They were chased back in December and also caught at Walker Homesite park inside a construction truck that had been parked overnight innocently in the lot. This most recent occurrence was in the early morning hours of March 1st where they think it's funny to harass elderly people who are not in the best health. They are being caught on video surveillance too so it will be just a matter of time. These incidents can be verified by confirmation with Windsor Police so everyone needs to keep an eye out. They normally walk from trails behind Blairwood Crescent, up Seymour Ave., and down 3300, 3400 blocks of Bliss. They definitely are from the area and we need to identify them and their parents definitely need to be made aware of what angels they're raising.

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