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Windsor, ON 5 days ago
Saturday February 15th, 2020 at 11:20 AM

Knocked down in parking lot

To the lady who backed into me in the parking lot at the TD bank and knocked me down. Im sorry you had more important things to do and take off instead of stopping and checking on me. I didnt get your name and you left so fast I couldnt get your licence plate.
Hopefully this doesnt happen to someone you care for. PS I'm ok, just be more aware of your surroundings next time.

Windsor, ON 6 days ago
Friday February 14th, 2020 at 5:55 PM

It's the little things

Huge thank you to the gentleman at Nofrills today who gave my son a toonie and had him pick out a hot wheels car. You made his day! He's 3, barely talks especially in public and was just so done with shopping. He hates crowds and it was so busy at the store, but your kind gesture made all the anxiety go away. He was so proud handing the cashier the toonie and excited about getting a quarter back. It's the little things. You sir, have good karma coming your way!

Windsor, ON 6 days ago
Friday February 14th, 2020 at 8:28 AM

The Childrens Place

To the woman who generously gave my family $50 gift card; you have no idea how much that means to us ♡ I got back to the store and cried when the cashier told me. Your kindness was much appreciated and was a breath of fresh air in our situation. Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts. We will be sure to pay if forward ♡ God Bless

Windsor, ON 8 days ago
Wednesday February 12th, 2020 at 4:04 PM

Brian the gentleman

Earlier today I was driving to pick up my daughter- unfortunately my car died because someone left me with no gas- anyhow, Mr. Brian pulled up went into the corner store and when he came out he seen me- he asked what was wrong and told me to hang tight he will be back shortly. I'm scared, I'm sick, I'm panicking because it's the end of the school day. ( did not make it to pick her up on time) in the process of waiting for Mr. Brian a Windsor POLICE OFFICER Drove right past me and looked me down but didn't stop or offer to help, same with the meter lady except she told me to move my car or it will get towed and ticketed- I told her I'd move it as soon as it got gas but by all means to get out of her warm car to write me a ticket! She then drove off- So, Mr. Brian comes back and fills my car with gas from his gas can. I offered him money, I offered for him to follow me to the bank so I can pay him back and he refused all he said was to hurry up and go get my daughter... I did give him a hug and even though it is cold as could be I felt warm inside because Mr. Brian was so thoughtless, concerned and genuine that it made me feel as if he was my guardian angel that I needed today! I've been dealing with severe health issues as well as depression lately and I just wanted to give up, and that's when Mr. Brian showed up and helped me keep moving.... All because of his kind heart. So, I wanted to share and shine light on a fellow citizen and if he has Facebook let him know how truly grateful I am. As well as just send a reminder that you never know what someone is going through but even just a smile or a kind gesture can change a whole persons day.
God Bless!

Windsor, ON 14 days ago
Wednesday February 5th, 2020 at 9:19 PM

Good Samaritan

I just had a stranger knock on my door and hand me my wallet and phone that I had forgotten at Food Basics!! He looked at my driver's license and DROVE it to my house!! I told him he was an amazing person but because I was completely beside myself with shock and appreciation I did not think to ask his name.
I am hoping that if he somehow sees this public status that he will know again how thankful I am and how sorry I am that I could not name him in this post!

Windsor, ON 15 days ago
Wednesday February 5th, 2020 at 2:29 AM

Accident witnesses

Thank you so much to the wonderful army gentlemen and the other two witnesses to my pedestrian accident tonight at Sandwich & Mill. Your kindness and your first aid made all the difference after I was hit while we waited for EMS to arrive. For the lady who hit me, I also want to say that I forgive you, and that I am praying that you are doing well. As traumatic and painful as it was for me to be hit, I am sure you are also suffering too, and I want you to know that I am thinking of you and hoping you are okay.

Thank you to the wonderful paramedics, police, fire crew, nurses, and doctors for assisting me tonight as well. Your hard work and compassion was greatly appreciated. & lt;3

Windsor, ON 18 days ago
Sunday February 2nd, 2020 at 12:25 PM

Thank You!

Just wanted to say Thank You, to whomever handed in my eyeglasses Sunday, February 2nd. I panicked when I couldn't find them and had to retrace my steps. I thought going back to the SUPERSTORE was a stretch but it wasn't. You made my day!!! Thank you again. Have a great day.

Windsor, ON 18 days ago
Saturday February 1st, 2020 at 9:01 PM

Gratitude Beyond Words.

Today while I was at work, at Riverside Plaza, a "Proud Canadian" left a card, with a Tim card in it on my windshield.
My boyfriend is a Veteran, so we have a Veteran plate on the car.
We too remember Cpl. Bronson, and share a special bond, where our fur baby is also named Vimy.
Thank you, Proud Canadian. My Veteran appreciates your kind act.

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