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Windsor, ON 15 days ago
Thursday November 9th, 2017 at 9:00 PM

Dear COLLEGE Teachers

Dear College Teachers,
I am a single mom, and a student of yours. Like many others, I look to OSAP for help to better myself for my children. As the days pass us by with uncertainty when we will return to classes again I am not going to sit here and harp on you about where this disruption has my life at this very second, that's a letter for the College Employer Council and Ontario's Ministry of Advanced Education in my opinion.
This letter is one of Thanks!
Thank you, for standing up for your fellow
Teachers who deserve the same rights as you have.
Thank you, for standing up for us students who deserve to receive a well thought out, prepared and delivered with passion education.
Thank you, for continuing to show up even as the temperatures drop to teach us even in the coldest days there's still something worth fighting for.
Thank you, on behalf of my children who will one day grace the halls proud to be supported by the strength and passion which is you.
Thank you, for fighting the urge to answer us students who are tirelessly emailing and messaging you for answers we know you too are looking for.
Thank you!

As we come closer to these three special days next week when you will attend, log in or which ever other means you have accessible to you in order to cast your vote, please don't be pressured by those of us who don't understand the big picture, please consider not only what you're voting on but also what you may be voting against.

Yes it's been a restless 5 almost 6 weeks and if it must continue, so be it.

You are brave. You are appreciated. You are the shape of OUR future!

Windsor, ON 15 days ago
Thursday November 9th, 2017 at 8:31 PM

School Bus vs Unsafe Driver

Well, it happened again! Two days in a row. Wednesday morning a red car, driving without defrosted windows nearly drove through the stopped school bus. Bright yellow bus, stop sign out, red lights flashing! Ridiculous! Take the time to defrost your windows!!!! You could have hit children!!!
Today, another unsafe driver (black SUV) that did wait behind the bus. My kids boarded, (it takes a few seconds to get a seatbelt on). This impatient driver passed the bus as it was pulling away from the stop. Accerated around the bus, driving WAY too fast. Oh yeah, this SUV was driving fast towards another bus stop. These kids were waiting on the corner by a park for their bus.
I have contacted the police and sent in Road Watch Reports. Next time photos will be taken and shared with the police. You've been warned.

Windsor, ON 15 days ago
Thursday November 9th, 2017 at 7:35 PM

Thanks for your service

To the Veteran at the east end Wal-mart on Wednesday night. I wanted to buy the veteran pins from the table they had there, I try and buy a new 1 every year and to my surprise and delight, the gentleman said would you like this 1 I have on. I said with such appreciation will you really do that and with that he undid it off his jacket and gave it to me. Wow not only do I appreciate his all time sacrifice for our country which shows beyond belief, but for the thoughtfulness that he still has today. Thanks for all you did and still do for our country God Bless you my friend.
Angela Lockman

Windsor, ON 17 days ago
Wednesday November 8th, 2017 at 7:06 AM

Found Bike at Tim Hortons

Are you missing your bike?
Somebody probably took it for a ride and left it at the downtown Tim Hortons.
I took it home so it would not be stolen again.
If you think it is yours, please e-mail me with a description.
Would really like to give it back to the owner.

Windsor, ON 17 days ago
Tuesday November 7th, 2017 at 6:46 PM

Has anyone asked!!!

Here's the thing. While the College Council and the Union representing the Teachers argue and nit pick has anyone thought to ask the students what they want? Has anyone asked the young adults that are looking to start their grown up life and get out into the working world? Has anyone asked the husband and father that was laid off and needs this academic year to get a new job so he can continue to provide for his family? Has anyone asked the single mother that went back to school so she could stop working 3 jobs so she could be home for her children after school to help them with their homework and kiss them goodnight before bed? Has anyone asked the woman that escaped an abusive relationship and for the first time can think of providing for herself and her children? Has anyone asked the mother that put her education on hold so that she could be there for her children as they grew up and is now taking the time for herself to continue her academic journey? Has anyone asked the international students that came to learn from us and take the knowledge back to their countries to be able to provide better services in their communities. HAS ANYONE BOTHERED TO ASK??
I am asking the members of the Teacher's Union PLEASE consider this when you cast your vote!!

Windsor, ON 17 days ago
Tuesday November 7th, 2017 at 12:21 PM

Rememberance Day

Just wondering if there are any Rememberance Day Ceremonies happening on Saturday in Windsor or LaSalle?

Windsor, ON 17 days ago
Tuesday November 7th, 2017 at 9:32 AM

Handmade Extravaganza at The WFCU by CC's Events

CC's Events Has 2 Great Shows Planned For You This Winter + From Our Hands To Yours Gift Shoppe Is Open In A New Location! Shop Local This Holiday Season!

On November 24th 4:30pm-8:30pm, 25th 10am-4pm, and 26th 10am-4pm Make Sure You Stop By The WFCU Centre For CC's Events: 6th Annual Handmade Christmas Extravaganza! There Will Be 100 Local Artists, Lunch Is Available For Purchase, Win Great Prizes (Including A Genuine American Girl Doll Tenney Grant & Her Accessories!), Activities, Balloon Animals, and More! Admission Is Free, But Donations To Aid Local Secondary School Breakfast Programs Are Appreciated!
The WFCU Centre Is Located At 8787 McHugh Ave, Windsor ON
For More Info: 519-945-1001
Facebook Event Page: https:/ / events/ 130359404205960/
Check Out Our 1-Day Gift Show December 9th: https:/ / events/ 647052142349368/

On December 9th 10am-4pm, Visit The WFCU Centre For CC's Events: 1st Annual Gift Show. There Will Be 100 Small Business Vendors With Unique Christmas Gifts For Everyone, Including Many That Are Locally Handmade. Lunch Is Available For Purchase, Win Great Prizes, Activities, and More! Admission Is Free, But Donations To Aid A Local Charity (TBA) Are Appreciated!
The WFCU Centre Is Located At 8787 McHugh Ave, Windsor ON
For More Info: 519-945-1001
Facebook Event Page: https:/ / events/ 647052142349368/
Check Out Our 3-Day Handmade Extravaganza November 24-26th: https:/ / events/ 130359404205960/

Can't Make It To Either Event? From Our Hands To Yours Gift Shoppe Is A Cozy Gift Store In Belle River That Has Many Unique Gift Items, Including Many Made By Local Artists! 566 Notre Dame St, Belle River
https:/ / FromOurHandsToYoursWindsor/
Tues-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-4pm
*Closed Nov 11 & 12: Visit Us At The St.Simon & St.Jude Bazaar 9am-3pm
*Closed Nov 24-26: Visit Us At The 6th Annual Handmade Christmas Extravaganza (Info Above)
*Closed Dec 9: Visit Us At The 1st Annual Christmas Gift Show (Info Above


Windsor, ON 18 days ago
Monday November 6th, 2017 at 8:06 AM


Mark your calendars for this "TWO-DAY" event

with something for Everyone

November 25th & 26th (10am-4pm both days)

Serbian Centre
6770 Tecumseh Rd E
Windsor, Ontario

Special Guest Appearances
COOKIE MONSTER & ELMO *Saturday 1pm-3pm*
ELMO & ABBY CADABBY *Sunday 1pm-3pm*

🌹Rosie The Clown🌹 will be doing her amazing Face Painting


Donations are appreciated ~ Please help support the:
Windsor Regional Hospital (3rd Floor of Met campus)
❤️Keeping Families Close❤️


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