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Windsor, ON Thursday February 28th, 2019 at 9:29 PM

Good Samaritans

I was with my Uncle and Aunt at Costco when we were leaving we realized the vehicle we were driving had a flat tire with my uncle being legally blind and neither my aunt or I knew how to fix the tire we werent sure what to do but then out of no where a gentle man came over and tried to use fix a flat that he got out of his own car and tried for 45 mins to get air in until he realised it wasnt gonna work so just as the gentleman made the decision to help by putting the donut on and take the other tire off for us another gentleman showed up and offered to help him so it could get changed faster we were so appreciative for the help considering it was very cold out. We would just like to thank these 2 good samaritans for coming to our rescue. You've been spotted in Windsor!!

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