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Windsor, ON Tuesday September 18th, 2018 at 7:34 PM

Child hit by Car

Tuesday around 5 pm I was pumping gas at the Canadian Tire Gas Bar on Dougall when I witnessed a Black Pickup hit a child on a bike as he was pulling out of parking lot child was coming from the left and the truck hit the child on the right front bumper knocking the child to the ground and bike ended up under the truck. Driver did get out but in less then 10 seconds jumped back in his truck and turned right. The child proceeded slowly toward the shoppers drug mart there was a gentleman who said he was a patient transport person I asked him to walk over to shoppers to check on the child he did and came back said child was fine. Being a mother I think the child was in shock. If your child rides a blue bike and wears grey backpack and locks his bike up when he goes into shoppers around this area please ask them if it was them and make sure they are ok. It happened so fast I was shaking and unable to get or give any more information but As a parent I would want to know if my child was involved in a hit and run and some person didn't even have the decency to stay more then 10 second. The truck was gone before the child even picked up his bike.

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