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Windsor, ON Friday May 4th, 2018 at 12:51 AM

A funeral procession is not about getting to the cemetery at the same time.

Spotted this on a friends wall and wanted to share.

In the last 1.5 years, I have been in 5 funeral processions and attended the funerals of those 5 amazing, wonderful and loving people we lost. These are thoughts on the people who choose to be ignorant during a funeral procession...

So for those of you who were angry that a funeral procession made you a few minutes late, here are few suggestions. The next time this happens, try not to think of the fact that you missed one rotation of the lights; think instead about what the people in those cars will miss. Try not to think of being late for your lunch; think about the people who will never again get to meet their loved one for lunch. Try to consider that maybe you could inconvenience yourself for one moment to allow a grieving family to stay together, to show them that you see them and you recognize their loss.

I hope you can do this because one day, you'll be the one driving with your your hazards flashing, needing to follow closely so you don't lose your connection, don't lose your way. And I hope the world will stop for you.

" A funeral procession is not about getting to the cemetery at the same time. A funeral procession is a chain of connection, a visible sign of the invisible bond of grief "
- Rev. Cindy Maddox

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