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Windsor, ON Monday April 23rd, 2018 at 1:44 AM

Caesars Windsor Screw Over Everyone

Come on, Caesars!!!! Seriously, you talk about how much your guests mean to the business?? Well, what's the hold up? Treat your staff members with the respect they deserve and pay them accordingly!!! It is because of the excellent staff we continue to enjoy our time at Caesars. Why is it that there are so many that have been there for years making $2 or so more than those who just got bumped to, what is it $14? You should take pride in your staff, they serve you well!!! It is truly disgusting the way you continue to treat your staff members, you should be ashamed of yourselves!!! Oh wait, you don't care, cause you are the one with the upper hand right? You are the ones that put food on their tables, roof over their head, yada yada....UHHHHHM well, in one way yes...BUT if it weren't for the players, the wouldn't exist!!!! We appreciate your staff more than you do obviously!!!! As for your gamblers, WELL, believe me, many of us have noticed how we too have been getting screwed over as well!!! You have made cuts across the board!!! Do you know how much chatting goes on in the ticket lines? Many Diamond (15000+ Tier Credits) members getting half or nothing of the complimentary free stuff, yet, a Gold or Platinum member (anything under the Diamond amount) is getting more than we are???? We get it, you think you feel you have us cause we will come back, you want to lure the lower tier in with free stuff. Soooo, ever been told you should play without your card? You should if you do not intend on staying on a machine for long. I found out your free stuff is based on your play. Play, not based on the money you spend....the amount of time you spend on machines!!! Believe it or not your average(Play) goes down IF you hop around to different machines. You increase your average if you dump all of your money into one machine, but they don't really want to inform you of that!!!! Put less money in, play less machines, end up with a better average...that will get you more free stuff!!!! Soooo, we as the gamblers of Caesars, I think I speak for many, truly do not understand your greed!!!! Reality is, all the free stuff, well, don't we know it....most of us have paid for it!!! We've actually bought it, most likely 10X over the price you pay!!!! Quit being sooooo cheap and dis respectable to your staff members, they are a very big reason many of us gamblers frequent the casino!!!! They are what makes your business thrive!!! You (Caesars) big cheapskates, are what we the gamblers usually complain about, not your staff!!!! You need to quit being so cheap!!! Pretty sure you can't say you didn't make enough money in all these years..hell I'm sure you make enough every single year to justify giving your employees what they deserve!!!! Better pay (retro pay for those that make just over minimum wage, after many years of service), better benefits and truly respect!!! I am glad they are out on strike picketing for what's right!!! Caesars may be losing a lot of money right now...BUT as we know they can afford it....the strikers however is another story... KEEP GOING WON"T BE LONG!!! They will break!!!! Their not getting what they want either....that's the money, greed always rates over all else, Money, money, money, tick tock !!! GO CAESARS EMPLOYEES!!!!!

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