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Windsor, ON Friday April 20th, 2018 at 10:07 PM

Two good deeds in one day

We were attending a hockey practice for my ten-year old grandson at the Volmer Complex on Thursday evening. While we were waiting for him after practice we noticed a lady had left her purse hanging over a chair in the lobby. No one was around where the purse was left, so we stood by to see if anyone would come back for it. After 10 minutes my daughter asked the lady sitting at the other table if she could describe the lady who was sitting behind here. There was no one with that description that we could see. My daughter brought the purse to the table and asked myself and the other lady to witness her going into the purse, so we could at least know what the lady looked like. Fifteen minutes had gone by and finally a panicked mom came running in looking for her purse. While my daughter was trying to find the owner of this purse she put down my grandsons fit bit not even realizing it. She was more concerned about finding the owner of the purse. We left the arena and realized she did not have the fit bit. My grandson was so upset as this was his birthday gift, and he has been taking great care of it. When she called the arena the next morning a good, honest person turned in the fit bit. So two good deeds were done by two different people. I want to thank this amazing, honest person who turned the fit bit into the lost and found. I have one happy grandson. Thank you

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