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Windsor, ON Thursday April 19th, 2018 at 11:41 PM

Thank you!

Thank you to the lady at the mall today who went out of her way to make my day a little better i work construction and sometimes you think alottttt while working. I was having a terrible day i went outside for a smoke because my day was so bad (i never take unscheduled breaks) i was squatted down next to the garbage so i would be unseen (didnt want to get in trouble) she told me i could sit on the bench with her but explained my situation to her she wanted to cheer me up and could see i was sad she told me and its tough working with men And that she admired me. She said that she wants her daughter to look up to a woman like me thank you for boosting my ego you really made my day and made me appreciate myself a little more. I hope i see you again. You were wearing all black dark hair a little bigger frame i think you were working in the mall you are an amazing person.
Hope you stumble across this one day

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