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Windsor, ON Tuesday March 13th, 2018 at 12:38 AM

Taxpayers Screwed in Windsor AGAIN!!!

Wow, can't believe this one, " More than 400 City of Windsor managers and non-union employees are getting retroactive pay hikes that will cost municipal taxpayers $2.4 million after a commissioned study found they were falling behind their counterparts in other Ontario cities." How on earth does Windsor even rate compared to municipalities like London, Chatham-Kent, Kitchener, Greater Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Brampton and Mississauga, and the regions of Halton, Niagara, Waterloo and Durham. I'm pretty sure they are doing much better financially than Windsor. And when I read this part, "He thinks only cities outside of the GTA should be used for future comparisons." Ohhhh did you include GTA in this comparison (commissioned study)??? I totally agree GTA has more qualified staff and should make more,we don't even compare!! GTA a whole different ballgame!!! City of Windsor managers, should manage Windsor before even considering taking more tax money from us!! Seriously, go to these other places, see what's actually being done...lots, mega changes!!! Look at what Windsor has to offer compared to some of those municipalities..NADA!!! But it's ok... our unemployment rate is high (including city workers from budget cuts), most of our roads are past due for repair ( not just from this winter Drew, just a continuous quick fill, every year!!), jobs are contracted out in many fields, many areas of dispute by many taxpayers,!!! It would be great if we (Windsor) were booming like many of those other cities, we are being deprived of what our tax dollars could really do for this city!! We are faaar from booming, not even a glimpse!!! Take Kitchener and Waterloo for instance, been there? growing like crazy!!! So many changes all over those municipalities, so upbeat, non stop changes in infrastructure all over!! You should be ashamed that Windsor taxpayer money goes to such petty stuff, like Christmas lights, fixing an ice cream train or whatever it will be?? How much true revenue did or will any of that bring into Windsor? Windsor needs to be competitive, not by giving retroactive wages!! When I read this...." Mayor Drew Dilkens said council was obligated by contract to carry out the non-union salary review and was taken aback when he saw the numbers in the report." Of course he was "taken aback", I'm sure all he could see were $$dollar signs$$, like a little kid reaching into a jar of special treats!!! How much more do we have to pay now??? I like many others are getting gouged enough and not seeing the any real benefits. We'd all be "taken aback" if we received retro payback for our wasted tax dollars!!! Just my opinion, everyone has one!!!

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