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Windsor, ON Monday February 19th, 2018 at 3:40 PM

Racism on bus #620

02/ 19/ 2018
Around 3:05pm
Racism is obviously not a secret nor a surprise in today's society. However, it is still absolutely disgusting and sad that racist words can be spoken and events can occur in public without a word being said by anyone. It is much easier to keep your face in your phone, your headphones in your ears, and to keep your mouth closed because it's not your business right?

I am a mixed Jamaican/ black/ Caucasian young woman. I was on my way home from work and I'm sitting in the center back of the bus. I pulled the wire for me to get off at my stop. As I stand up and walk towards the front of the bus, the bus driver asks everyone to move to the back of the bus because it is fairly crowded. I had to get off at the front of the bus to get my bike off of the bike rack. One young man decided it was okay to say "Hey Rosa Parks get to the back of the bus!" Did anybody say anything? No.

I did not want to cause a scene and I was so much in shock at what was just said and since he was already at the back of the bus while I was at the front door, I said to the bus driver the disgusting words that were just spoken to me and told him which young man that said it. I mentioned that he should be kicked off of the bus because that is absolutely not acceptable. The bus driver said "oh wow okay." I said thank you and got off the bus.

I took my bike off of the rack and walked onto the sidewalk expecting this man (about 17-22?) to be kicked off the bus or at least spoken to but the bus driver just closed the doors and drove away as I stared in shock.

I'm so disgusted, but not surprised, that comments like this are still said and taken so lightly. The bus driver didn't even say anything to this person and with the bus FULL of people nobody said anything either. How disgusting. How sad. Bless you both and have a fantastic day. ✌🏽

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