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Windsor, ON Sunday January 28th, 2018 at 5:03 PM

Great job, NOT!!!!

I was literally disgusted to read today about the buildings sitting vacant with large sums of unpaid taxes! Absolutely amazing! One more reason Windsor is so special! Seriously, the City doesn't collect money owed to them for years and the buildings become so worn down, they take losses?? "IF" they can take over the buildings for unpaid taxes? But that's okay us loyal tax paying Windsor residents would love to pick up the slack and continue to pay for and fund the City of Windsors fantastic financing and spending!!! Soooo, I'm thinking if those business' can have tax arrears of hundreds of thousands of dollars...Hmmm Hey everybody we're good to go, for at least a hundred years+ of not paying our city taxes, right???? Not a damn chance!!! How exactly does this happen?? Don't answer the phone(cancel it actually), don't answer the door, keep the curtains, blinds or what have you closed and put all city of Windsor finance dept. mail back in the mailbox??? Is it truly that simple? Hahahhaha Could you honestly see us getting away with not paying our taxes?Collecting taxes from business' is someones job?? Now I know why my taxes went up $120 per month to $500 monthly, and I don't even live in a mansion!!! If the city tweaks their receivable department ( collects those hundreds of thousands before it even gets to that point!!!!), maybe we can get our roads fixed???
I'm truly not surprised, Great job, NOT!!!

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