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Windsor, ON Tuesday January 23rd, 2018 at 8:39 AM

I really didn't mean to splash you

To the lady with an umbrella walking down Tecumseh heading west between George and Central. There was a little dip in the road there that had some water sitting in it. I was driving behind the truck who splashed you good as he drove through that puddle. As I watched you wave your arms to clean them, and to shake off whatever water you could. It was too late when I realized I was about to also go through the puddle and splash you. Mine was more at your shoes only because you were a few steps away. I wanted to stop and say sorry but traffic was lined up behind me and I was already kinda late driving the kids to school.

So, I'm sorry I got your shoes and it sucked the truck infront of me got the rest of you. I've had that happen to me once when I was in Toronto a few years ago, it isn't fun. Hope your day only gets better after that!!

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