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Windsor, ON Monday January 22nd, 2018 at 11:19 PM

To the Magic Card Theif

My best friends had all their best Magic the Gathering cards stolen, among a few other prized possessions.

If you Mr thief, happen to see this, please know that you just stole from two of the kindest hearted people i've ever met. Had you befriended them, they would have given you the shirts from their backs. They would have helped you in any way possible, so you would never feel the need to take what is not yours. Now, after over 13 years of collecting, their hearts are broken and they may have given up on something they have been passionate about since they were in high school. I know you won't care, but because I am a sincerely good person, I hope Karma never catches up to you, because I don't think you can handle the torment that you would deserve for this.

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