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Windsor, ON Saturday January 20th, 2018 at 1:32 PM

Thank you to E.R. staff

Recently, I was at the E.R. at WRH- Ouellette Campus; I can't remember when the waiting area was so crowded.
Some people were grumbling and complaining, demanding to get in sooner, leaving, etc. I couldn't help but think that while my problem was serious enough that I was sent from Urgent Care to the hospital I at least wasn't in distress.
As I, with many other people waited, we could hear the announcments of Code blue, code stoke, over and over. There were people that were violent, others who were argumentive who had to be separated. There was someone who wanted to leave unless she could see the doctor within the next hour. Security as well as a nurse told her that they had several accidents, a lot of really sick people and patiently asked her to stay. They told her that if she wanted to leave, it was her right but, she had to sign a release without being seen form.
At one point before a serious accident was brought in, a nurse inquired if she had enough time to go to the bathroom.

My thanks to all those working at E.R. who work so hard, take abuse, laugh and cry and are just as frustrated as patients and families. Thank you to the security folks, clerks who register and direct people, cleaning staff who were constantly being paged to clean up, porters who brought people for tests, and rooms upon admission, those technicians who draw blood, take xrays, ultra sound and CT scans, nursing staff and the doctors. I hope I didn't miss anyone. They work long hours, many times without breaks.
Your dedication is to be admired.

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