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Windsor, ON Sunday December 24th, 2017 at 11:22 AM

Spirit of Christmas restored, this is exactly what Christmas is all about.

I have no Christmas cheer. Christmas is nothing but how much money you spend to keep everyone happy. My father also passed away December 15. I was blessed December 23rd to have my Christmas cheer and belief in the SPIRIT strengthened. I was at a store in the checkout line and there was a couple in front of me and the woman was talking about chocolate covered cherries. I told her that every year I would buy a couple boxes for my dad. She said her dad loved them too. She then left the line to run and grab some. She bought a few boxes and checked out but before she left she turned around and gave me a box and said "here is a box in the memory of our dads". I was so touched I could barely say thank you. It is really important to me that she knows just how much a box of chocolates meant to me. I couldn't thank her enough for how that heart warming present and gesture meant to me. She made me remember that what she did is exactly what Christmas is about.

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