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Windsor, ON Saturday December 23rd, 2017 at 11:45 AM

A mother and her two daughters bought new earrings from my store and the daughters were so excited they wanted to put them on right away. They sat down beside my store and started to put their new earrings in. I look over and I can see them looking on the ground for something so right away I knew they dropped part of their earring and couldn't find it. The little girl came up telling me that she dropped her ball. Normally we do not replace balls if dropped but we will discount your next purchase but with it being Christmas time and the little girl being so sad I walked over to them with a new earring in my hand saying "Merry Christmas". The little girls face was priceless. She smiled from ear to ear. She got her earring in finally and she was so happy. As they were leaving the little girl came up to me with a tim hortons gift card and said "Merry Christmas" sweetest girl everrrr. Thank you to the Mom and 2 daughters. You have been spotted :) :)

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