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Windsor, ON Monday December 4th, 2017 at 11:20 AM

Lost wallet in Zehrs Parkway parking lot.

I approached the cart return as an elderly gentleman found a black leather dual zip (gold zippers) wallet. I suggested he bring it to the customer service desk, as that would likely be the first call the owner would make. When he appeared to be heating in his beige (champagne?) coloured van; I suggested that I drop it off at customer service for him, as I was heading that way. He said he would bring it...but he wanted to look through it first!?!? He insisted that he wasn't going to take it. I didn't fight him. I hope he turned it in, or attempted to contact the owner. I did get his license plate number in an attempt to ensure the wallets return. I don't know how that might help. If this sounds like your purse and you never got it back, comment below and I can provide the plates.

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