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Windsor, ON Thursday November 30th, 2017 at 4:08 PM


To the woman picking up her kids outside of Brennan today on Raymo at 3:45 in the dark blue dodge caravan. PULL OVER ALL THE WAY TO THE CURB SO THAT CARS ARE NOT BACKED UP BEHIND YOU UNABLE TO GET AROUND DUE TO THE NARROW STREET. THEN ONCE YOUR KIDS ARE FINALLY IN YOUR CAR AND THE LIGHT AHEAD IS GREEN DO NOT PROCEED TO MOVE 3 INCHES AND THEN STOP TO TALK TO SOMEONE OUTSIDE. We waited a total of 2 minutes for you to load your kids and all their stuff into your trunk. You did not pull over far enough so we had to wait behind you. Mind you by the time we pulled up you were already out of your car so I could only imagine how long you were there for. We couldn't get around you which then caused a (as far as I could count) 6 car back up. The guy behind me tried to pass ME and get around the both of us but almost got hit by an oncoming car (that guy was stupid but still) then once you finally got your kids into the car and reveresed ALMOST HITTING MY CAR and came back onto the road when the light 10 feet ahead of you turned green, all the cars in front of you proceeded to go through the light you STOPPED, rolled down your window and talked to a kid on the sidewalk. IM THE WOMAN WHO HONKED MY HORN 8 TIMES AT YOU.

Are you really under the impression that you are so entitled that you block traffic, move 3 inches and then stop to block traffic all over again. You and I made it through the light but the 6+ cars you made wait down Raymo DID NOT. Thank your child for giving me the finger as well, it showed me really what type of mother you are if I couldn't already guess.

Move your car to the curb when you pull over. Raymo is used by people who aren't picking their children up from Brennan, but are just trying to get home from work and don't need their car side swiped in the process.

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