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Windsor, ON Tuesday September 5th, 2017 at 9:37 AM

Pest control DON'Ts

Everyone has to deal with pests from time to time, one of the tenants in my building has a Squirrels problem.  The tenant in my building came out on his 6 floor balcony to use his BBQ at 7 am, and found a squirrels nest in his BBQ, he obviously hasn't used his BBQ all summer.  As I approached the building after walking my dog, I could hear the angry screams of a MOTHER SQUIRREL.  then I heard a different scream, the sound of a baby squirrel being ripped out of his nest in the BBQ and dropped to the patio floor.  I then witnessed the tenant with a broom lift the baby over the railing and sent the baby hurling to the pavement right next to me. I yelled up to stop, but they had disappeared. I went in to get a box to put the possibly dead baby in.  When I came out to get the baby, I noticed he was not dead   his eyes were not even open yet, and he was moving and breathing.   So I put him in the box and left him near the fence and the trees where I believe I saw the moma squirrel go. Needless to say when I saw the tenant again on his balcony I asked him if he really needed to do that.  Attempt to kill an innocent baby squirrel... he told me to mind my F$%king business and that the squirrel had destroyed his BBQ.  I asked if there were any more he would like to throw down, and offered to come take them away myself, in a more humane way.  Again was told to F$%king mind my own business.  So I told the tenant what he did was wrong and that he should have left them be and called building management, or pest control, or the humane society.   Things like this really make you wonder , "WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE"


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