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Windsor, ON Sunday September 3rd, 2017 at 11:01 AM

Excellent care

Yesterday I was stung by a bee, hasn't happened in over 30 yrs so didn't bother to get an EpiPen as they usually just land on me sit for a minute and fly away.  Needless to say this bee was a hit and run didn't even leave a stinger thankfully or things could have been much worse.  As my husband drove around to every West end clinic they were all closed until the 4th.  20 minutes later  we made it to Hotel dieu Ouellette campus.  Within 2 minutes I was hooked up to iv and epi administered.  I want to tell Dr. Thomas and her perfect team of nurses and respiratory specialist.  That you have been spotted.  I am not sure all that happened as the anaphylactic shock hit hard and I don't remember much other than you saying it will be ok you are where you need to be.  2 hours later I was home safe, alive and sleeping.

Thank you so much 

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