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Windsor, ON Friday September 1st, 2017 at 11:54 AM

Flood scavengers

As I'm lugging my flood damaged belongings to the curb yesterday some guy pulls up and starts looking at my stuff and asking how long it was in water, how deep ect. I even said to him, come on man you seriously going to be rummaging through my stuff at a time like this?!?! He took some wood and left. I was so appalled I put a sign on my pile no scavengers. So then last night arround 3 am and I hear some car doors closing, I look out and see his car driving away and things are now gone. I get it, I did leave wet musty, soon to be mouldy items that are obviously garbage to me now on my lawn. But have some compassion, it's hard enough dealing with all this mess and my belongs and memories are lost, without having people rumaging through for their own gain.

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