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Windsor, ON Thursday August 31st, 2017 at 2:59 PM

Human Decency Disappears

So Im sure everybody remembers the rainstorm the other day. I know my husband and two daughters sure do. Because we got caught in the worst of it. Our truck stalled in the middle of the lake that had formed on Dominion Boulevard, and we were sitting there for almost an hour, blocking traffic, with hungry kids (we had been on our way to get lunch). Now, I understand that its tough driving out in that weather. Its stressful. But you would not believe the number of large trucks that passed us by, who could have quickly and easily pulled us out, or even pushed us off to the side of the road so that traffic could get by a little easier. But no. Everybody was way too concerned with themselves to bother with a stranded family. Im just thankful my husband was with us, as he is the one with a cell phone. If I had been out driving, just me and the kids, that day, Im not sure what we would have done

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