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Windsor, ON Sunday August 20th, 2017 at 11:32 PM

Boy working at uptown resturant

I was at uptown on August 20th for breakfast just my son and I(he's almost 2 years old). He was a little bit cranky and crazy like most 2 years old are, especially in restaurants. There was a younger boy working there and after about five minutes of being there he gave my son a little toy truck that he absolutely loved!!! It kept him busy until our food came out. Every time my son dropped something he'd rush to pick it up for us. Whenever he would pass our table he'd give my son a high five which made my son so happy, he loved it. He's never that happy at restaurants! I just wanted to thank that little boy for being so sweet and tell him that he made my day 😊 You can tell that he was raised right!! Thank you again, we'll for sure be coming back!

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