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Windsor, ON Wednesday February 12th, 2020 at 4:04 PM

Brian the gentleman

Earlier today I was driving to pick up my daughter- unfortunately my car died because someone left me with no gas- anyhow, Mr. Brian pulled up went into the corner store and when he came out he seen me- he asked what was wrong and told me to hang tight he will be back shortly. I'm scared, I'm sick, I'm panicking because it's the end of the school day. ( did not make it to pick her up on time) in the process of waiting for Mr. Brian a Windsor POLICE OFFICER Drove right past me and looked me down but didn't stop or offer to help, same with the meter lady except she told me to move my car or it will get towed and ticketed- I told her I'd move it as soon as it got gas but by all means to get out of her warm car to write me a ticket! She then drove off- So, Mr. Brian comes back and fills my car with gas from his gas can. I offered him money, I offered for him to follow me to the bank so I can pay him back and he refused all he said was to hurry up and go get my daughter... I did give him a hug and even though it is cold as could be I felt warm inside because Mr. Brian was so thoughtless, concerned and genuine that it made me feel as if he was my guardian angel that I needed today! I've been dealing with severe health issues as well as depression lately and I just wanted to give up, and that's when Mr. Brian showed up and helped me keep moving.... All because of his kind heart. So, I wanted to share and shine light on a fellow citizen and if he has Facebook let him know how truly grateful I am. As well as just send a reminder that you never know what someone is going through but even just a smile or a kind gesture can change a whole persons day.
God Bless!

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