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Windsor, ON Friday January 17th, 2020 at 12:01 AM

Abrasive dude in Education building - University of Windsor

To the guy at the back of the education building tonight harassing that girl, you thought no one would find out. You went up to her and asked her to get a drink with you and she said no and walked away. You followed her and grabbed her arm and started telling her to come with you to your friends house.
Someone should beat weasels like you down. This is the kind of thing that we as a community on campus have to watch out for. There's lots of people alone on campus at night for late classes and guys feel more emboldened to go up to women and harass them. She yelled at you and told you off. And I watched you cowardly walk away lol.
How a university accepts scum like you into their programs and you're going to be a teacher who teaches children in the future? I'll never know.
Look out for each other, and guys look out for women. There's lots of scum like him out there, but I'm betting that there's lots of good guys out there too who won't stand for that.

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