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Windsor, ON Monday January 13th, 2020 at 11:04 PM

Dangerous Driver

I was driving east bound on EC Row January 13 around 7pm. I was in the left lane between Jefferson and Lauzon doing 110km/ h when I noticed a car quickly approaching from behind so I moved into the right lane. The car veered into my lane and attempted to hit me so I put my window down and gave them the finger. The driver then proceeded to drive in the middle of the two lanes so I couldn't get away/ go around them. When I sped up to go around them they veered into my lane and attempted to hit me again. I had to go onto the shoulder to avoid being hit. I was finally able to get away/ go around them just after the last Lauzon exit ramp. By this point I was shaking and terrified and worried that they would follow me to my destination. I exited at Lesperance and they thankfully continued on. It was a gray SUV, you sir/ madam are a dangerous driver and the police were called.

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