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Windsor, ON Sunday January 12th, 2020 at 9:31 PM

People are good

Last week I brought my daughter to the clinic on Lauzon and Riverside after she slipped on ice at school. She was crying in pain holding her arm and I sat her down and checked in to clinic. The lady beside us went up after us and gave us her spot which was next because she felt bad for her. I cannot thank that woman enough because what she didn't know is that I had been at the hospital that morning with my husband for a minor surgery and got the call about my daughter on our way home so sitting in a clinic or ER with a poor kid in agony was the last thing I wanted to do knowing my poor husband was recovering at home alone. I also need to point out that all the staff at the clinic and xray were so wonderful along with the staff at WR Ouellette fracture clinic and the day surgery staff and volunteers as well.

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