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Windsor, ON Tuesday January 7th, 2020 at 2:43 PM


To the driver in the tiny white "sports" car at the Erie and Parent roundabout Jan 6th - LEARN HOW TO USE A ROUNDABOUT! As I pulled up (along Parent ave.) no one was waiting at any entrance and no one was in the roundabout, so I proceeded in. As I reached the halfway point towards Erie you suddenly appeared (on Erie) and attempted to drive right into the roundabout ignoring the YIELD sign in front of you. I guess maybe you were expecting me to STOP mid roundabout to let you in?!?!? That is not how a yield sign or a roundabout works. You are supposed to YIELD to the traffic that is already in the roundabout. When you saw that I did not stop you then BLARED your horn for the entire time that I passed you until I left the roundabout. I honked back, but I doubt that made you realize anything. To the residents of Windsor - PLEASE LEARN HOW TO READ ROAD SIGNS AND HOW TO USE A ROUNDABOUT!
I have seen people treat it like a 4 way stop, a stop sign and more! This is not a difficult concept like zipper merging (another thing Windsor drivers struggle with), it is easily learned if you simply pay attention.

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