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Windsor, ON Wednesday December 18th, 2019 at 8:48 AM

Tim hortons on Ottawa

Today December 18th around 8:20am I was waiting on the road in a long drive thru line. There were other cars waiting their turn coming from the opposite direction. (If know this Tims well, you know what I’m talking about), this car (a silver dodge journey) was waiting and waiting and nobody but would let her in because you know everyone’s in a rush to go nowhere. So, when it became my turn to pull into the drive way next, I stopped and let this car in. She waved and said thank you. I pull up to the window and the lady had paid for my order which was a small iced cap. When she pulled away, we went opposite directions and I wanted to say thank you. So thank you to the lady in the silver dodge Journey at the Tim Horton’s on Ottawa today around 8:20am

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