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Leamington, ON Thursday September 5th, 2019 at 8:52 PM

Awesome team work

Started with a phone call to 911 all because wifey thought she could do it on her own NOT. First responder were awesome to my wife who was having chest pain and shortness of breath, they not only treated her with the greatest respect, as my wife tells me later they not only took the time with her, but they also were very gentle trying to get an IV into her arm and they just couldn't find a vain even though the driver pulled over twice.
Now unto the ER room the nurses and Dr took the time to ask her all the questions while they waited for me and a friend Sara to get there. They were awesome all of them. Then unto her room they take her to 2nd floor and got her all settled for the night. Through all this because they took the time with her and asked all kind of guestions making her feel she was the most important patient my deepest gratitude to all the nurses at Leamington Hospital. You may be a small hospital but to us you are one of the best in the county for us old folks. So we want to say thank you all for your kindness and patience you have shown us, but to any of us who have to go to your ER for any reason. Blessing to all of you, may God continue in all your lives and watch over you all

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