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Amherstburg, ON Tuesday March 15th, 2016 at 1:13 AM

Sweet lady at the Detroit to Windsor Tunnel Bus

I was waiting for the bus to return to Windsor from dropping a car off in the Detroit area when a woman also waiting at the stop at the tunnel entrance asked me for fair to cross. While going through my change a car pulled up as the lady driving it needed to retrieve her purse from her trunk. She saw us there and asked if we wanted a ride across. The lady at the bus stop said she had to wait for someone so I gave her bus fare and accepted the ride from the sweet and beautiful lady. She told me about immigrating to Canada from Mexico 20 + years ago and believed in helping others. She even drove me to where my car was parked a few blocks away.
It's so nice to see someone as sweet and caring,
Thank you Ms Mexico :)

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