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Windsor, ON Sunday December 15th, 2013 at 2:15 AM

People of Devonshire (the groovy and the grinch):

to the groovy: parenting win!! to the mom and dad who saw frozen today (Saturday) at 2:40 pm. my friend, my niece and myself watched as the movie ended and the mom gathered all their things, dad took time out to have a dance with his two little girls. complete with twists and ballerina twirls. cutest. thing. ever. more dads should take time to dance with their little girls. you all were too sweet. I loved it. thank you.

to the grinch in the food court: while standing line in the insanity that was the food court today, everyone somehow managed to get out of the way of the gentleman who pushed one giant garbage bin in front of him and pulled another behind him. everyone except you. you ma'am managed to plant yourself directly in his path and refused to move. when he tried to squeeze past you and hit your foot with the wheel you actually has the audacity to snarl at him and then u pushed the can back from you forcing him to walk backwards, renavigate his way and the proceed again. in my head, I totally kicked the back of ur kneecap and watched you fall on ur face. then I pointed. and laughed. ur lucky that unlike urself I have a bit I home training and was able to refrain. next time, get ur snooty butt out of the way!!!

sometimes u feel like a dance, sometimes u feel like shaking the crap out of people.

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