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Windsor, ON Monday December 9th, 2013 at 5:01 PM

A very heartfelt "Thank You" to the fireman and his wife at Devonshire mall on Sunday! My daughter is 8 1/ 2 months pregnant and was not feeling well while shopping. Twice she left a store to sit on a bench when the man went up to her and introduced himself and said he had been watching her, and was it ok to check her pulse.
He then called an ambulance for her. She went to Met hosp. and was told it's just a false alarm, and not dilated at all. Whew!!
But I'm so grateful that she was under the watchful eye of such a qualified and caring person!
Her and her partner will be staying away from malls until the baby arrives...

Signed: A very grateful first-time-Grandma-to-be

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