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Windsor, ON Sunday December 8th, 2013 at 9:08 PM

Spotted : My 8 y/ o nephew who turned 8 on nov 27. He's such a sweetheart. Says I don't care about presents on my birthday as long as I get to spend it with my family. Just after I tucked him into bed and it made me cry!
He also told me last night. You can have my piggy bank money to help pay the bills! How thoughtful but no thank you buddy. (Bills are much more than what he has plus I don't want his little money he has saved)
I felt like a very proud Auntie!

Him, his two siblings along with myself also brought some unopened toys from over the year that had not been touched down to the fire department and gave back!! Though not much, the experience meant a lot.

He melts my heart with his kindness and generosity

A Proud Auntie

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