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Windsor, ON Monday April 3rd, 2023 at 8:04 PM

Car Break-In

My car was parked at a business on Provincial Rd and left overnight last Thursday (March 30th).

I got to my car at 5:18am on Friday, March 31st. The back window had been smashed in and a lot of my belongings were stolen. Among the items stolen were sunglasses, tennis rackets, old photos, cards from a deceased family members, car insurance and ownership papers, and other important documents belonging to my deceased relative.

The perpetrator fled the scene at 5:15am on foot (3 minutes before I arrived). They left the weapon behind. I hope we can find this guy. If anyone has any advice on who to contact with regard to the paperwork (new ownership obtained, private credit score please share below.

He was wearing a white hoodie and a baseball cap.

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