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Windsor, ON Wednesday January 22nd, 2020 at 7:02 AM

Gift card and Banking scams.


This is a WARNING to everyone who may fall for or have a loved one who may fall for this current scam.

Today I found out that my mother was scammed out of $1000.00 and if it had not been for the quick thinking of an employee from SEPHORA it have cost her $2000.00 more.

I don't know all the details of how everything went down, but here is what I do know.

My mother recieved a call on January 17th from someone claiming that her account has been tampered with, she was told to purchase 2x 500.00 gift cards from SEPHORA and they would call to confirm the #'s on the back and that after this the money would be PUT BACK onto her card.
Unfortunately, it was not and then scam CONTINUED!
This FPOS told her that it did not work and that she needed to do it again...this time 4x $500.00 cards.
My mother usually has her senses about her but the FPOS had he scared and convinced that she NEEDED to do this.
Anyways, after returning to the store the SECOND time, she apparantly got the same cashier. This cashier informed my mother that she believed she was being SCAMMED and FLAT OUT REFUSED to sell her anymore cards.
She proceeded to call about the previous 2 cards and they were informed that they had already been used for ONLINE purchases.

Unfortunately my mother ALSO gave her bank card # to this FPOS! My mother went to the bank first thing this morning and cancelled her card.
"Thankfully"she said "nothing was missing", but I will check for myself in the morning.

My poor mother was and is still frazzled and confused over what has just happened, so I will be stepping in and taking care of this in hopes that it never happens again!
Part of that is me sharing with you her experience so hopefully doesn't happen to you or a loved one.

I will be contacting the police in the morning, the bank and SEPHORA.

If you work in retail and you notice someone making a large purchase of gift cards, PLEASE , PLEASE ask them about it, THANKFULLY because of this WOMEM that WORKS at SEPHORA, my mother was not ripped off anymore than what she had already lost.

I cannot THANK her enough for stepping in.
God Bless

Here is what I know about the caller:

Thick INDIAN accent, male, and the # he called from was


This FPOS called her 17 times most of them were after she refused to purchase anymore cards, he continually try to scare her into doing it, but thankfully she believed the women from Sephora over this FPOS!

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