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Windsor, ON Monday October 14th, 2019 at 9:33 PM

Kind hearted dentist

The walkerville dental office at Ottawa and Moy, has a dentist named Dr. Leventis, this dentist turned a very very stressful situation, into a much easier, not so difficult night. My daughter got into a bit of an accident and hurt her front teeth pretty bad, and even though we were only covered under healthy smiles and they don't accept healthy smiles patients, he did the work anyways that needed to be done. My daughter doesn't let dentists touch her mouth and Dr Leventis was so kind and so sweet to her. That he made it effortless for her and made her so comfortable. He was so good with her and I am so thankful that he rushed in on THANKSGIVING NIGHT to help my daughter feel better, and helped us out of the PURE kindness of his heart! Thank you so much Dr Leventis, I am so undeniably thankful, for your generosity!

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