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Windsor, ON Friday October 11th, 2019 at 8:54 AM

Happiest 5th Birthday ever!!

We went to Tanka Sushi on Walker road on October 2nd. My son loves this sushi place. We dont go very often but he asked to go for his Birthday dinner. While we were eating my daughter was jumping around not eating. There were two ladies behind us with a sweet little girl named Gabby. My daughter started to talk to them and they were very kind chatting with her. The more they talked with her the better I got her to eat. They asked how old my daughter was and my son pipped up excited saying he was 5 today and it was his birthday. When they were ready to leave they walked by the table and one handed my son a 5 dollar bill. She said 5 for five! We immediately said oh thats so nice thanks you really didnt have to do that. While saying this the next woman came by and handed him a 5 too and gave my daughter a toonie saying 2 for two. We really were so surprised and said thank you as they walked away. My son is just learing money and how it works so he really didnt understand the generosity but we sure did. We are teaching our children the importance of kindness in the world and this was a great example. We are now showing him what money means and what it can do for people. We are also going to use this to teach him how to pay it forward. Thank you to these kind strangers, your actions made my sons day and truely warmed my heart. We will definitely pay it forward.

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