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Windsor, ON Thursday June 21st, 2018 at 11:33 AM

Push comes to shove !

2 accidents today rerouted and managed to get off at Howard from expressway only to run out of gas at Howard and geandmaris. It was busy but being in the middle lane only half a block from gas station I, a female got out and pushed to get out of all the traffic. Trying to get the cars to let me to the curb lane. While pushing a car so many are in a rush but these 2 gentleman parked in gas station and came to my rescue. Thank you so much for all your help getting me over to the gas station, it was much much easier with 3 of us !!
A transport on its side at Huron line and accident at Howard please guys slow down and let's all get to where we need to in 1 piece !!

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