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Windsor, ON Friday December 7th, 2018 at 5:33 PM

Strange Attire


Some of you may have seen me at the Devonshire mall this afternoon (Dec. 7) sporting a strange "Sherlock Holmes" greatcoat with an extremely strange (yet warm) hat.

To clear the air, am I in no way a racist nor do I sympathize with racist ideologies. I am merely a history buff and history RE-ENACTOR! The greatcoat I was wearing is from the Napoleonic era and is extremely comfortable and warm.

The hat (a Busby) although from a German battalion (at the time was allied with the British with absolutely NO CONNECTION with Nazi scum) was an elite German Hussar (cavalry) regiment from Brunswick which had a whole different look than the Deaths-head that you've all grown to known and associate with racist scum.

With that said, I want to thank those of you who've stopped to ask me about my regalia, knowledge is truly power. I was indeed breaking in my new hat for an upcoming re-enactment coming up in the New Year (it's handmade to fit snuggly around the head and can be very uncomfortable). For those of you who gave me a death stare (yeah, I noticed) and uttered threats and other unpleasantries towards me.... your ignorance is a life sentence in itself, your stupidity knows no bounds.

Again, thank you for all those who were inquisitive enough to boldly approach a stranger and learn something new (I hope)


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