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Windsor, ON Tuesday April 10th, 2018 at 6:47 AM

Awesome Customer Service - Lowes Windsor

I know that a lot of people have stories of bad customer service, especially when it comes to big box stores, but I wanted to share how wonderful Lowes in Windsor was this past weekend.
We needed a new dishwasher, so earlier in the week, we went to Lowes to find one. We pushed the help button in the appliance section and waited for what seemed like forever for someone to come help. Jeremiah came to answer our call and help us. He made our shopping experience extremely enjoyable. He was very knowledgeable and had us laughing like we we had known him for years. If you ever want to know anything about anything, seek out Jeremiah, he's a fountain of useless knowledge!! LOL
When it came time to pick up our purchase, I went to the store and unfortunately, there was a hiccup. They couldn't find our dishwasher (when it came off the truck, it wasn't put where it should have been). I waited for a long time and had to leave - needless to say, I was not happy. That's where Chris (who I think is the Manager of the Appliance section) came into the picture. I wasn't satisfied with having to go back to the store again and made that clear. Chris was so accommodating and friendly, I didn't even have a chance to spew out the angry dialogue I had prepared to give him. Chris went above and beyond and personally made sure our dishwasher was delivered to our door within hours. He too made us feel like we truly mattered. I can't thank these two gentlemen enough for their exceptional customer service!
If you happen to know either of these two men, please tell them they are appreciated.
Thank you Jeremiah and Chris, you will definitely be seeing us again for future purchases.

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