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Windsor, ON Friday April 6th, 2018 at 12:17 PM

Caesars Windsor Employees

I am a frequent casino guest and I know you deserve to be treated better!!! Ever since Caesars took over that casino, employees have been shafted in so many ways, so many times too. When Artisan closed so many people got displaced or lost their jobs. Do you Caesars realize how many employees you screwed over??? Yes, screwed over!!! But why would you care, they are the seasoned, professional, friendly and caring staff that many of us enjoy when we go to the casino. I've been going for years and dare say, without them'd definitely be in a bind!! Valet is unbelievable at times, not their fault they don't have enough people out there for the job!! The Buffet well that's another story, so short staffed most of the time, the staff that are there are way overrun!!! Sections get closed although there are line ups, why, no staff!!! Yet go figure Caesars doesn't get it, if you have to wait in line for an hour or are not playing and paying!!! There is no fare pay structure, job security is definitely not there at all, as for benefits well they could most certainly improve as well. People probably think all Caesars Windsor employees make really good money, guess again!!! I think those who have been there for years should get retro raises!!! Imagine working for a company for 20 years and making $16/ $17 an hour, yet the minimum wage is now $14? Hardly seems fair!!!! Yes I realize a career change could be possible but, everyone knows you get comfortable, you accept little because you are afraid to jump into the unknown, lifers!! However, when job security is a factor when the company decides to dismantle people, you stress about uncertainty!! We all go for the entertainment however, we do appreciate the wonderful employees!!!! Caesars employees you will be missed during this strike but.

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