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Windsor, ON Sunday February 11th, 2018 at 7:02 PM

Amber L from Telus made my experience such a positive one!!

So two nights ago my iPad and iPhone were stolen out of my bag after a six hour streetcar ride in Toronto when I was completely exhausted and just wanted to get home. Not only did I lose two of the only possessions I own, but I lost most of my dignity as well and ended up having to move home with my parents for a while to start building things up again. Anyway, long story short, Amber L from to come see mall Telus, not only feel like such a victim or loser, but she actually gave me words of hope and shared some personal experiences of her own that she had gone through similar to mine, making me feel not so alone. Now onto business, what should've been a dreadful visit, ended up being pretty freaking fun and Amber is an absolute delight to deal with. We laughed a lot we got a lot done, and she stayed within the budget that we desperately needed to remain under. I come from retail, so I know how hard it can be when a difficult customer comes in, and I'm not saying that I was difficult, but I was definitely sad and about to erupt into tears at any minute and she made sure that didn't happen and kept the conversation on point and in a positive direction. Any boss of hers that is reading this, that kind of retail service cannot be taught. That is ingrained in a person's are bringing. It is in valuable especially in the customer service industry. To anyone looking to be treated with respect and lots of laughs, go see Amber L at Telus in Tecumseh


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