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Windsor, ON Monday January 8th, 2018 at 6:27 PM

Karma works fast sometimes

I was at the gas station with my kids filling up this weekend. Not sure why but when I went to start my van it didn't start. You were parked in a silver dodge car at the pump next to me. It was freezing outside and this was just bad luck for me. I walked up to you asking if there was a chance you could help me with a boost. At first you said you dont bavw cables, i replied that i did and you said ok. I had the cables from my kit in my hand. They were brand new and as I was taking them out of the pack to show you. You finished pumping gas and got into your car and pulped up to my van. I asked you to pop ypur hood and you replied "I don't want to hurt my battery." I explained that these were heavy duty cables and they should be fine. You mumbled something and drove off. The gentleman next to you overheard our conversation and offered to charge me up once he was done putting gas. I thanked him after he got me going and drove off. As I came to front road I noticed a cop car that had pulled a car daughter pointed out that was the same car and you were the same person that said they didn't have time and didn't want to ruin your battery. The kids started to laugh thinking you got what you deserved, I stopped them and said that it wasn't nice to laugh. If I was being honest I laughed on the inside a little. Hopefully he didn't ding you for too much and I'm glad you were able to sit in your car nice and warm.

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