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Windsor, ON Wednesday January 3rd, 2018 at 9:28 AM

You made my day better

I woke up this morning to frozen water pipes!! Ughhh so I had to call into work, lose a days pay plus overtime. I had to so I can take care of this before the pipes burst. Can't brush my teeth, can't wash up & cant even use the toilet!😩
I'm in a crappy mood and all I want is WATER!! So I decide to go to the Tim Hortons @ Tecumseh & Huron Church around 8:40a.m. so I can use the bathroom and pick up a coffee.
The lady with the little space between your teeth, YOU made my day better so THANK YOU!! You were the most pleasant employee I've dealt with! You greeted me with a very genuine smile and just seemed like you were truly happy at your job, which is rare. You were just really nice & sweet & happy! It was nice for a change! So thank you for making my crappy day just a wee bit better!!

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