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Windsor, ON Friday September 8th, 2017 at 12:34 PM

Suspicious Behaviour in Willistead Park

A couple of months ago, I was in Willistead park in the evening reading a book. I saw a man walking around by himself, glued to his phone. Every few minutes he would walk a few paces, stop and stare at his phone a bit longer. It seemed odd but I didn't think anything of it - until he began to follow me home. Thankfully, there were two security officers patrolling the park. When I explained the behaviour, they told me I was right to be suspicious and made sure I got home safely. Since then, I have never gone to the park in the evening by myself, but in the afternoon I tend to go for runs there. I have been noticing the same thing happening at all times of the day. It has never been the same man twice, but they're all exhibiting the same behaviour. Walking around by themselves, staring at their phone, hiding behind a tree, standing in odd places. Today, I went for a run around noon, another suspicious man in the park. My first lap around, he was blatantly gawking, second lap he seemed to have disappeared, third lap he came out from behind a tree and started walking in my direction from across the park all the while staring - my gut told me something wasn't right. That park is full of kids and teenagers, I called the police and they have informed me that they will have extra patrol in the area but if you see any suspicious activity like this, please report it.

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