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Windsor, ON Friday April 19th, 2019 at 12:09 PM

This poor Dog

Spotted at Tim Horton's on Wyandotte at Marentette. Clearly this dog is suffering. Patrons at the Tim Hortons took issue with the dogs pain today and unfortunately police and the humane society were called but not to help the dog. The police officers on scene were extremely agressive with the concerned patrons, threatening them and not appearing to help the dog at all. I could care less about the people I want to know who is going to help this dog. Explaining the look of it as just how a grey hound looks doesn't seem right to me. The police officer felt the dog was in no danger. What do you think does this dog look like it's in danger? Does it look like it's suffering? I hope this gets posted and passed around so that the powers that denied this dog saving can correct their wrong and save it. Please share, post and demand this dog be saved. The police officer knows where to find the dog and it's owner. Let's all demand this dog be saved from what seems to be a tortured life. Hopefully I'm completely wrong and the owner has the perfect reason for showing this dog off in public; but I feel society owes it to that dog to make sure it's not being a abused. Look at the picture, how could any human being see that and not assume the poor dog is being abused? Please share.

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